‘Silence’, faith – and dentistry

Jan 10th 2017.

Sir, – In his Saturday column, Donald Clarke observes “we do not ask for moral lessons from dentistry”.

I am happy to provide one unsolicited: look after your teeth.

Enormous amounts of human suffering and wasted time and energy can be avoided by simple and inexpensive measures undertaken by individuals on a regular basis.

In practical terms, these would include reducing your intake of sugar, keeping your teeth clean, wearing a mouthguard for contact sports and attending your dentist regularly.

If you wait until you notice a problem, it is usually more difficult to resolve. – Yours, etc,


Orthodontic Society of Ireland,
Upper Baggot Street,
Dublin 4.

The whole tooth

Jan 11th 2017

Sir, – The president of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland, Stephen Murray, considers looking after your teeth to be a moral issue (January 10th). Is it not, more specifically, a molar issue? – Yours, etc,

Co Donegal.