Cleaning Around Removable Braces and Retainers

For removable braces, you will need two regular toothbrushes, and either a small interdental brush or floss. The cleaning of your teeth is carried out a minimum of twice daily and entails thorough toothbrushing and cleaning in between the teeth with either floss or an interdental brush. Sizing of the interdental brush can be established by ensuring that the brush fits tightly between the teeth. If the brush passes between the teeth and does not contact the teeth in the process then it will be ineffective. The second toothbrush can be any size and the bristles hard – a cheap and cheerful toothbrush – this one is used to clean the removable brace. Toothpaste can be used with it to clean the removable brace and rinse the brace with COLD water. A daily fluoridated mouthwash can also be added to this regime.

If you are cleaning clear removable retainers (Essix retainers) after completing fixed brace (train-tracks) treatment, please do NOT use toothpaste as the abrasive nature of toothpaste will scratch the surface of your Essix retainer causing it to discolour and appear dirty when in fact it is clean. Instead a tiny amount of washing up liquid or liquid hand soap with COLD water is preferable. Please ensure that you rinse your Essix retainers thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth. There are also commercially available retainer cleaning products available to purchase in pharmacies.