How to look after my brace when my orthodontic practice is closed

First things first, don’t worry! There are very few emergencies in orthodontics.  If you have your braces on for a few extra weeks while your orthodontist’s clinic is closed this is not a problem. At … Read more

World Orthodontic Health Day

The WORLD FEDERATION OF ORTHODONTICS strives to encourage high standards of orthodontics throughout the world and on the 15th May we celebrate WFO WORLD ORTHODONTIC HEALTH DAY. The WOHD logo was designed by Ananth Shankar … Read more

The pitfalls of mail-order dentistry

Sir, – I read Fiona Gartland’s article “Mail-order dentistry at root of number of complaints” (July 19th) with concern but little surprise. The idea of mail-order dentistry reliably providing effective and safe treatment is, as … Read more

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RTE Radio 1 Today with Sean O’Rourke

22nd May 2015 – RTE Radio 1 Today with Sean O’Rourke You can listen here to this interview with: Dr Ronan Perry, Specialist Orthodontist, on the course of action a person should take if they … Read more