Trusted Sources

There is so much information available online about orthodontic appliances and treatment options. Often all that choice can make it harder to choose and understand what the best way forward is? There is no substitute for a face to face consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist to discuss your choices before starting treatment.

The Pandemic has made us all more aware of how conflicting online health information can be a source of misinformation and the value of looking to “trusted sources” for quality information before making decisions about our health or any treatment.

Our members have a wealth of knowledge about orthodontics, from years of study and many years of experience using different appliances to achieve excellent outcomes for many thousands of patients.

We want to share our knowledge and experience with you. We have reorientated our website to create a range of FAQ’s based on genuine queries that we receive. We are a trusted source of information about orthodontics. These are some other sites that we trust and we are sharing those with you for more information on dental and oral care and orthodontics.

The Dental Health Foundation

The Dental Council of Ireland

General Dental Council UK

British Orthodontic Society

Oral Health Foundation

EFOSA – European Federation of Orthodontic Specialists Association – News 

EFOSA – European Federation of Orthodontic Specialists Association – Patient Education

AAO ( – Advocacy Resources