How do braces work?

There are 3 main types of braces:

  1. Fixed appliances with orthodontic brackets and archwires
  2. Removable appliances with an acrylic base
  3. Removable appliances that are vacuum formed clear acrylic that fits around the teeth.

These all work in different ways. Some are better at different types of tooth movement than others or more suitable for different age groups. Whilst you may have a preference, it’s worth getting advice from a Specialist in Orthodontics before you start any treatment.

There are 2 major misconceptions about orthodontic appliances:

  1. Some appliances are marketed to patients as better than traditional braces or faster than traditional braces, but the truth is that there’s no such thing as traditional braces. The engineering and innovation that goes into product development is constantly improving. Members of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland attend regular meetings, listen to international speakers and meet all the major orthodontic suppliers to keep up to date with product development and techniques.
  2. Some marketing for orthodontic appliances suggests that it’s the brace that does all the work! It’s understandable that websites want to promote products like this. In reality, orthodontic appliances are like a car and it really matters who’s in the driving seat. The best outcomes come from understanding what the patient needs and then controlling and fine tuning the appliances and attachments at each visit. Specialists in Orthodontics have the expertise, training and experience to do this.