What are the benefits of braces?

The benefits of braces include improved oral health and dental appearance. Improved oral health occurs due to straight teeth providing easier access to clean around all of the tooth surfaces and gum margins. Correcting the position of prominent upper front teeth can reduce the risk of trauma to these teeth in the event of a bang or fall. Bite correction can also reduce the likelihood of wear to the front teeth if they bite edge to edge. Good tooth contact can improve the function of our teeth allowing better chewing and if there are large spaces where the teeth do not contact, space closure can improve speech. In those patients with missing or small teeth, braces can be used to close spaces or create adequate space in the correct position for replacement teeth in the form of implants or bridges. Specialist orthodontists often work with other dental specialists, for example prosthodontists, implantologists, oral surgeons or orthognathic surgeons. The aim is to achieve the best and most stable results possible.