What is the difference between aligning and straightening teeth?

Straightening teeth and aligning teeth appear similar but they serve different functions. Both are needed to improve ones’ smile.

Straightening teeth involves moving teeth by tipping and rotating them into their correct position in line with adjacent teeth. The 6 front teeth are very important for aesthetics.

Alignment of the teeth means getting the teeth and roots into alignment to achieve a comfortable functional bite between the upper and lower jaws ensuring the best fit between the upper and lower teeth.

Most Orthodontic treatment takes 18-24 months to achieve a proper stable result by getting the crowns and roots of teeth correct. It is important to realise short treatment of 6 months duration only tip the crowns of teeth and do not result in root positioning and therefore the result is not stable and teeth may all move back to their original positions. Some treatments take longer ( 3-4 years)  if Orthognathic surgery is required to reposition the Jaws.