I am relocating to Ireland mid-treatment, what information do I need from my current orthodontist?

Ideally, it’s best to have Orthodontic treatment completed by one practitioner rather than to change mid-treatment.  That said, if you were to move to Ireland before completing treatment, a local orthodontist would be able to continue the treatment for you. You would need X-rays, study models, treatment plan and a letter stating a synopsis of the treatment to date, photographs and a referral letter from the treating Orthodontist giving details of the types of brace used to date, progress and any extractions. If you are wearing a fixed appliance, the orthodontist will need to know the type and prescription,  current and previous archwires used and any other relevant information.

Health Service Executive (HSE) does offer free treatment to children under 15 with severe orthodontic problems, but if your child has already started treatment, they would be ineligible to be assessed for this.

All OSI members are registered specialist orthodontists, and a list of private practices can be found here: http://www.orthodontist.ie/find-an-orthodontist/