Case Studies

Nicola-Cosgrave-smallNicola Cosgrave, Wexford treated by Dr Don Ryan

Growing up,I never liked the fact that my teeth stuck out when I smiled and as a result, I tended to avoid smiling in photos altogether, instead opting to keep my mouth closed. When I turned 40 I began to think about it more seriously and in the end… Read more


Emma Forde, Co Meath treated by Dr Sinead O’Hanrahan

Emma was diagnosed as a priority for orthodontic treatment to correct her prominent front teeth and recessive jaw at the local HSE clinic but she faced a three year wait for treatment. At the time her parents did think that Emma would have priority on the waiting list.Read more


Edel Godfrey, Dublin, treated by Dr Katherine Condren

When I was in fifth or sixth class, I remember getting a tooth taken out that was growing sideways in my gum. It was an eye tooth so an important tooth but it was actually growing up inside my gum and I couldn’t actually see it.Read more


Deirbhile-Moran-smallDeirbhile Moran, 18, treated by Dr Sinead O’Hanrahan

From the age of seven years when the dentist advised my mum, I was very conscious that I had an overlapping jaw.  In recent years it was interfering with my social life and I was always hiding it from my friends. I felt it was very prominent and I got a quite an amount of slagging about it… Read more


Sean-Morris-smallSean Morris, 19, treated by Dr. Katherine Condren

I never liked seeing myself in photos smiling. I would always try to hide my teeth as they weren’t straight. I was self-conscious about them. When my parents and I talked about it, I knew that I really wanted straight teeth. That’s when we started to look for an orthodontist in the area… Read more